Windows Software

You will find here Windows Software that I created.




GBXM is a Nintendo GB/GBC Emulator.
This software supports most gameboy cartridges.

This software requires DirectX9 or higher :

Color Requirement : 16 or 32 bits display
Drag/Drop File supported

Version : 0.1
Release Date : January 6, 2007
Platform : Windows 9x/Me/XP
Size : about 240 KB
License : Free under GNU General Public License ( see “gpl.txt” )

Download :


Directory Tree List Maker


With this software, you will be able to output as a text a list of all data (files and directories) that is included in a directory you can select.
There is a toolbar that can speed up the use of the software.
Output text can be easily edited and saved to a file.

Version : 1.1
Release Date : April 2008
License : Free
PlatForm : Windows 9x/Me/XP/Vista
Size : 1.71 MB

Download :


Connect Fever


“Connect Fever” is the most entertaining tic-tac-toe game you will ever play!

This game is played with two players, that each put successively a symbol on a chosen tile of the board (cross or circle).
The game ends when a player connects horizontally, vertically, or diagonally a precise number of symbols.

But unlike classic tic-tac-toe games, you will be able to play on huge boards (customizable size, up to 64*32 tiles),
with a customizable connect length (up to 8).

Version : 1.0
Release Date : November 12, 2006
License : Free
PlatForm : Windows 9x/Me/XP
Size : about 400 KB

Download :


Gameboy TileData Extractor


This program extracts tiledata from GameBoy rom files (GB,GBC),
and displays them as a tilemap with variable dimensions (up to 32*32).
The rendered picture can be saved as a bitmap file.
The 4 colors ( initially shades of gray) can also be changed.

Version : 1.1
Release Date : February 11, 2007
License : Free
PlatForm : Windows 9x/Me/XP
Size : about 250 KB

Download :


TileMap Editor


This program is useful to create tilemaps for games,
that use a display with 16*16 pixels tiles.

Patterns can be loaded from a 256*256 pixels bitmap.
This bitmap gives a 16*16 patterns tilemap (up to 256 tiles).

Tilemaps can be loaded from and saved to binary files.
Tilemap size can reach 255*255 tiles.

Version : 1.1
Release Date : November 23, 2006
License : Free
PlatForm : Windows 9x/Me/XP
Size : About 200 KB

Download :